Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here is how to make those cute flowers you keep asking for! I am offering a class on Wed. Nov. 11th from 12-2 & 6-8 if you are in my area. If not, supplies you need are the Big Shot, Extended dies, and Flower Folds die. Plus, when you purchase all 3 of these things you get a $15 die free!!! You can order directly on my website at www.aprilroycroft.stampinup.net or just call me 903-216-7169 or email me april@heartlandham.com and I will hook you up :) I'm offering specials on the Big Shot at my class on the 11th. You will not want to miss it!

Cut your flowers using the Flower Folds Die and your Big Shot. You will need 4 of each size you want to use. You may use all sizes small, medium, large & extra large to make a flower. I made this one for a 1 year old so I only used the medium and large flowers.

Next, I took my 4 large flowers and folded them in half. I used a little hot glue to keep them folded.

Start layering your first two flowers as shown.

And the third...

Once you have all 4 layers, pop the bottom first one back to the top just like if you were folding in a box. Remember you want to see all of your patterns....

Like this. Glue or stitch them together.

Do the same with the other sizes you are using. Then glue or stitch the layered flowers on top of each other. I like to add a little tulle in between the layers.

Add your clip or pin or both to the back.

Embellish with a button. I love covering buttons with matching fabrics. What a great gift for anyone!


Beth said...

Your blog looks wonderful. Love the way you have created flowers. Center of the flower looks different and wonderful. Iflorist.co.uk

Karen said...

I like the new look of your blog. I think your photo of putting the folds together will help me get some "fluff" into mine. I have been evenly spacing them and they don't look as full that way. Thanks!

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