Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bleached T-shirts with Decor Elements

Last week my friend Christie & I got together to be crafty while our kids played. We had been dying to try the new bleach technique with our decor elements. Oh, did we have fun!!!!! This may become my new obsession!

So here are our finished shirts.

Here is how:
(1) Take your decor element (I sell TONS of cute ones through Stampin Up. Contact me to order at april@heartlandham or go directly to my website ) and apply it to the t-shirt.

(2) Take it outdoors or cover you work surface. Spray the shirt with a spray bottle of mixed 1/2 Bleach, 1/2 water. You may want to place cardboard in between the layers of the shirt. After spraying, let it sit for a few minutes while you watch it turn colors.

(3) Once it looks the way you like, blot the bleach off the decor element and remove from shirt. You will be able to resuse some of the decor elements.

(4) Rinse out shirt and let dry.

Isn't that the coolest thing ever?!?!?! So simple! What great gifts just in time for the holidays!!!


Melissa said...

OH MY GOSH! That is the cutest thing ever! I have to have an owl one. I just have to!

momofalltrades said...

I like the one with the turtle!!!

TXStampin' Sharon said...

OMG! You guys! I so wish I lived closer so I could have play dates with you!!! I have to try this one!