Friday, August 8, 2008

Convention Highlights

Well, I know I have been home all week and nothing. For some reason after returning from a vacation I have trouble getting back on track. I have a million new ideas from Stampin' Up convention not to mention spending time with my boys since I have been gone, trying to clean the dirty house I left, trying to find someone to fix my clogged sink, I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the picture. Here we go.... highlights from the 20th Anniversary Stampin' Up convention.

This was taken inside our hotel lobby, Hotel Manaco, just before walking over to Momento Mall. Momento Mall is where SU sells us logo merchandise. They had some of the most awesome things for us this year!

Checking out the new catalog! It is amazing!!! I am dying to place my first order on the 11th!

On the first day I was informed I earned Founder's Circle... woo hoo! Here I am with my 3rd level upline April Lopez and one of my downline, Christie. We all earned it again this year and got the cute pink bag!

I had 6 1st level and 5 2nd level downline attend this year... so exciting! Here I am on the first day with 2 of them, Dara & Rhonda.

I have been with Stampin' Up for 5 years now. I got this cool pin (see background screen) and got to march across the stage with others who joined 5 years ago. Also, check out my shirt. Christie & I made these in honor of SU's 20th Anniversary. It is a poloroid of me in 1988 & then 2008. It says "We've come a long way in 20 years. Celebrate '08." The '88 photo is PRETTY scary!

Christie & I on Awards Night..... so nervous waiting to see where we placed.

Our husbands even flew in this year for Awards night.

Just before being called. Last year I placed #53, so when the it got down to number 50 I was excited I had bettered my best. However, they just kept calling numbers and not my name. This photo was taken when they got to number 20 and neither one of us had been called. I just started crying happy tears :)

#15 out of 45,000! Here I am on stage hugging Shelli (co-founder of SU). Christie placed #13. I am so proud to be her Stampin' Momma!

Standing on stage next to my friend Georgia and another demo friend, Karen (in red) who I have looked up to for the past 5 years. She is an amazing demonstrator.

ok - so now for the exciting news..... SU has added a Sizzix Big Shot to our product line! How exciting is that? These are samples of some of the things that can be made with it. Of course, the sky is the limit with this baby!

Sneak peek of the Big Shot and cutie bag.

More home decor items made with the Big Shot.

On Friday night we went to tour Stampin Up's distribution center. The guys came along and Scott was so impressed. Here we are in the "mud room." I'm sure this set is in a catalog or something....

And the bedroom..... so cute!

Signing the wall.....

In the think room along with Teresa, Karen, Christie, Millette & Leslie

It was amazing to see the packaging of the orders and the system they have down for this.

One more tease.... one of the items for Phase 2 of home decor items. More colors and designs!


Michelle Cooney said...

Congrats on making 15th!! That's great! Looks like ya'll had a blast! :)

Caroline said...

OOOOO-EEEEEE :) How exciting!!! I loved seeing all your pictures (since I had to miss this year) but I'll be congratulating you with a big hug in a few weeks in St. George!!

Congrats on such a fabulous achievement from your Canadian buddy!